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Freia / Activation

The Package is a board game

We have made it easier for people to make time for quality time, by turning the iconic package of Freia Milk Chocolate into unique board games. Four different board games have been developed for this campaign, and includes future classics such as Stork Vs Ninja Stork and The Attack of the Storks.

City Edition

Diadora / Activation / Video

Diadora - City Edition

For one day, we decided to turn Diadoras deliveries into a race. If we can’t make it in 30 minutes the shoes are free…

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IKEA / Activation / Video

IKEA Ringsaker

Mens folk ventet på det nye varehuset på Ringsaker, tjuvåpnet vi like gjerne alle avdelingene hjemme hos folk.

Ikea Tidafors Thumbnail 470x470 Copy

IKEA / Activation

IKEA Tidafors

Da IKEA skulle lansere en helt ny sofa, tok vi en annerledes kanal i bruk. Vi plasserte nemlig nyheten inn i folk sine boligannonser.