Kl  Turvenn

Freia / Campaign / Video

Adoptere en turvenn?

Hunden får oss mennesker opp og ut i naturen. Men ikke alle hunder får oppleve friluft i skog og mark like mye. Nå slår Kvikk Lunsj et slag for adopsjon av firbente turvenner!

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Freia / Video

New brand film for Kvikk Lunsj

Kvikk Lunsj, Norways Original Hiking Chocolate since 1937, invites you on a hike through the eyes of a hiker. But who’s eyes is it really? See the new brand film here.


Den Stolte Hane / Video

Den Stolte Hane – Chicken on the go

We made some social media films for chicken producer Den Stolte Hane (The Proud Rooster) for a ready made chicken fillet, perfect for eating on the go.


VG / Video

We'll let you know if something happens

Download the VG app, and we'll send you a notification if anything happens. That way you don't have to check the news all the time. The films are made for social media and YouTube, and the main message is delivered within the first five seconds. So you don't really have to watch the whole thing, because if something does happen – we'll let you know.


Circle K / Video

Real Hot Dogs

Sometimes, only a real hot dog will do. Thankfully, Circle K provides just that!


Circle K / Video

Circle K – Welcome to the club

Circle K EXTRA Club is a loyalty scheme providing great discounts and advantages for it's members. A club all drivers should be a part of. We made a film to welcome new drivers to the road, encouraging them to join the club.

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IKEA / Video

IKEA - Breakfast surprise

Everything you need to be together.

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Tine / Video

Tine Grated Cheese

Tine Grated Cheese is 100% real cheese, something that not all products in that category can claim to have. To prove that, we created some super slow pre-rolls for YouTube with a specially trained turtle that goes cheese-hunting.

Kl Mork

Freia / Video / Event

Kvikk Lunsj Mørk - A darker experience

In september 2016 Freia launched a new version of the iconic "hiking chocolate" Kvikk Lunsj with dark chocolate. To celebrate this we invited people to join us in a new hiking experience, a darker hiking experience.

City Edition

Diadora / Activation / Video

Diadora - City Edition

For one day, we decided to turn Diadoras deliveries into a race. If we can’t make it in 30 minutes the shoes are free…


IKEA / Video

New IKEA catalogue - new videos

We allowed three products to really shine for the launch of the new IKEA catalogue.

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Circle K / Video

Circle K - Very special offers

Giving the Circle K customers a different kind of coffee break!


Circle K / Video

Circle K nordic launch

Launch videos for Circle K.

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Tine / Video

Tine Sprett

New movie for TINE Sprett


VG / Video

Tapersymfonien som virket

Sammen med VG bestemte vi oss for å se om vi kunne være med å påvirke landslaget til å vinne igjen. Derfor laget vi Tapersymfonien. Et makkverk av en låt som kun skulle framføres om Norge tapte mot lille Island. Her kan du se de tre episodene, og selve låta som spillerne slapp å høre


Diadora / Campaign / Digital / Video

Diadora - Bright Delivery

Our first project for Diadora, the launch campaign for the iconic N9000 shoe. 70 runners, 10 nationalities, 1500 km – all to deliver one pair of shoes.

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RiksTv / Video

RiksTV Junior - Valentines day

RiksTV presents the perfect gift for Valentines Day, made for parents who might not have the time to cherish their love for each other.

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IKEA / Video

Sølvfisken to IKEA

The movie "Hey, mom" made for IKEA won the norwegian award Sølvfisken in September.

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IKEA / Digital / Video

IKEA Where The good Days Start

The world’s most-famous catalogue crafted into an interactive story that expands as if it was designed by IKEA itself. Tap the spacebar at any point during film to divert from the main storyline into the unknown.

Vintereventyr Skibilde

Freia / Campaign / Video

Norways most beautiful winter adventures

After a successful autumn campaign in 2014, Kvikk Lunsj continued to bring Norwegians to fantastic trips during the winter in 2015. By starting the winter sales a bit earlier, we increased the sales of all the different Kvikk Lunsj variatons. 

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Freia / Video

Vilt gode Jungelvenner

For å skape oppmerksomhet til nyhetslanseringen Freia Jungelvenner lagde vi ni ulike underholdene og engasjerende filmsnutter med snakkende dyr.

Skjermbilde 2015 11 16 Kl  13 19 21

RiksTv / Video


Vanskelig å forklare, lett å bruke.

Skjermbilde 2015 12 02 Kl  14 41 26

Freia / Video

Et urbant fjelleventyr

Høsten 2015 lagde vi en Kvikk-Lunsj-kampanje som appellerer til draget vi alle kjenner mot å komme oss ut av byen og ut på tur, med en ny tvist.