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IKEA / Nyheter

EPICA gold for IKEA+GoT

The shoulder warmer manual we made for IKEA that vent viral this fall, apparently warmed the hearts of the EPICA jury as well, as they awarded it a gold in the Product & Brand Integration category. See the case film here:

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IKEA / Digital


When the news spread that the worlds most expensive TV show, Game of Thrones, used affordable IKEA rugs to make the costumes for the Night's Watch – we acted quickly. The result was a charming IKEA-style manual, explaining in simple steps how to DIY your own Jon Snow costume from a simple SKOLD rug. The Facebook post soon went viral, and appeared almost everywhere - from Creativity Online, via Vogue to FOX News.

Ikea  Mos

IKEA / Campaign

New! IKEA «Made of Stockholm»

When old carpets are replaced, the old ones usually go i the trash. IKEA wants to change this, and so we made a whole new collection "Made of STOCKHOLM". A series of 18 products that can't be bought, but that you can DIY from an old carpet at home!

Ikea Frokost Thumb

IKEA / Video

IKEA - Breakfast surprise

Everything you need to be together.


IKEA / Video

New IKEA catalogue - new videos

We allowed three products to really shine for the launch of the new IKEA catalogue.

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IKEA / Video

Sølvfisken to IKEA

The movie "Hey, mom" made for IKEA won the norwegian award Sølvfisken in September.

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IKEA / Digital / Video

IKEA Where The good Days Start

The world’s most-famous catalogue crafted into an interactive story that expands as if it was designed by IKEA itself. Tap the spacebar at any point during film to divert from the main storyline into the unknown.

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IKEA / Activation / Video

IKEA Ringsaker

Mens folk ventet på det nye varehuset på Ringsaker, tjuvåpnet vi like gjerne alle avdelingene hjemme hos folk.

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IKEA / Video

IKEA Second Hand

Da den nye IKEA-katalogen kom hjalp vi folk som hadde kjøpt seg en nyhet, med å gi nytt liv til det gamle produktet de skulle erstatte.

Ikea Tidafors Thumbnail 470x470 Copy

IKEA / Activation

IKEA Tidafors

Da IKEA skulle lansere en helt ny sofa, tok vi en annerledes kanal i bruk. Vi plasserte nemlig nyheten inn i folk sine boligannonser.

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IKEA Beröra

IKEA skulle lansere IKEA-katalogen for iPad. Målet var å skape blest rundt dette, og få så mange som mulig til å laste den ned. Ettersom vi kun hadde et banner på VG til disposisjon, ble løsningen et helt nytt produkt.